Take a peek into PurePods: NZ’s secret glass huts

By Tegan Reeves,

They say those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. Neither should those who sleep in PurePods.

That’s because a PurePod is essentially a cabin, made entirely of glass. Over the past few years, four PurePods have been built on the South Island, each on their own exclusive property.

NZ - Purepods

The PurePods are all in enviable locations to let you get close to nature. Each PurePod is reached via a 15 minute walk through bushland, to create a feeling of seclusion and immersion in the surroundings.

NZ - Purepods

Isolation in this case doesn’t mean you’ll be living in discomfort. The luxury glass cocoons give guests unobstructed views of surrounding lakes, valleys, mountains and glaciers. Each pod comes with a telescope to appreciate the ultra-clear night skies, while sliding doors on three sides of the cabin open to bring the feeling of nature inside. Green living hasn’t been forgotten either – all of the solar powered pods use rainwater and are stocked with organic toiletries.

NZ - Purepods

The PurePods are located across the Canterbury Region, close to Kaikoura, Christchurch and Waipara. Choose to stay in just one of the PurePods, or spend a week ‘pod-hopping’ and try them all.

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NZ - Purepods

What do you think about the PurePods? Would you stay there? Comment below and let us know!

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