trivago Awards 2018: Australia’s best-rated hotels

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Want to know where Australia’s best-rated hotels are? Wonder no more.

The trivago Awards 2018 has revealed the country’s favourite hotels. We’ve crunched more than 175 million ratings to bring you the best hotels in each accommodation category: five-star, four-star, three-star, best value-for-money, and alternative accommodation.

The top five-star hotels in Australia

Mayfair Hotel – Adelaide, SA (9.3/10 tRI™)

This year, the number one 5-star hotel in Australia is Mayfair Hotel in Adelaide, South Australia.

“A great deal of care and attention goes into the delivery of a guest experience that is of the highest quality, distinctly South Australian, and personalised where possible to ensure a memorable stay.” – Martin Radcliffe, General Manager

When it comes to luxury accommodation in Adelaide, Mayfair brings style, elegance and a touch of glamour. Located right in the heart of vibrant city, the hotel offers premium facilities and showcases the very best of South Australia, including locally made products and furnishing.

The top five-star hotels in Australia:

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The top four-star hotels in Australia

The Falls Montville – Montville, QLD (9.3/10 tRI™)

This year, the number one 4-star hotel in Australia is The Falls Montville in Montville, Queensland.

These romantic rainforest cottages offer access to unparalleled nature, and are all within close distance of Kondalilla National Park. The Falls Montville offers perfect escape to lush nature and unobtrusive, yet attentive service.

The top four-star hotels in Australia:

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The top three-star hotels in Australia

Ballina Manor – Ballina, NSW (8.8/10 tRI™)

This year, the number one 3-star hotel in Australia is Ballina Manor in Ballina, New South Wales.

Known for its historic charm and exquisite antiques, the boutique hotel prides itself on providing top-notch service to guests. Take a free guided tour of Ballina Manor and discover more about the history of this heritage-listed property.

The top three-star hotels in Australia:

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The top 10 alternative accommodation in Australia

Lurline House – Katoomba, NSW (8.8/10 tRI™)

This year, the number one hotel for alternative accommodation in Australia is Lurline House in Katoomba, New South Wales.


“We thoroughly enjoy welcoming visitors from all over the world…” – Peter Noble, Owner

Built in 1910, this Federation-style house offers elegant and comfortable accommodation, featuring four-poster beds with canopies and furniture that takes guests back in time.

The top alternative accommodation in Australia:

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The top 10 value-for-money accommodation in Australia

Lurline House – Katoomba, NSW (8.8/10 tRI™)

Lurline House also picks up the trivago Award for best value-for-money accommodation in Australia.


Lurline House boasts the best bang for your buck. Enjoy evenings in the Guest Lounge with complimentary Port, fresh fruit and chocolate, or tuck into a traditional English breakfast. Need a bit of holiday advice? Just ask the owner, Peter, on what to see and do during your stay.

The top value-for-money accommodation in Australia:

View Lurline House

The top-rated chain hotels in Australia

Mantra Hotels & Rydges Hotels

The hotel chains with the best collective ratings across Australia this year are Mantra Hotels and Rydges Hotels.

The number one hotel within Mantra Hotels in Australia is Mantra Frangipani Broome, and the top-rated hotel of Rydges Hotels & Resorts in Australia is Rydges Sydney Airport.

View the Mantra Frangipani Broome View the Rydges Sydney Airport

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How does trivago determine the winning hotels?

Just as we aggregate hotel prices from across the web, we also aggregate guest reviews and ratings for a wide variety of amenities and services for all hotels that display prices on trivago.

The reviews are then assigned an overall score by amenity or service category using an internally developed algorithm. The overall score is displayed on trivago, making it easy for travellers to compare amenities and services offered as they search for their ideal hotel.

For the trivago Awards 2018, the hotel with the highest score in each awarded category is deemed the category winner. To ensure accuracy, a minimum of 20 reviews were required for award eligibility.

The result: A comprehensive list of the cream of the crop in hospitality, and prestige and recognition for the hardworking hoteliers behind the winning hotels.