Who is the trivago girl? 12 things you didn’t know about Gabrielle Miller

By Dacia Thai,

You’ve no doubt seen this familar face on your television screens lately. The trivago girl is Aussie-born actor and musician, Gabrielle Miller, and there’s more to her than meets the eye.


In the age of splashy TV spokespeople, the trivago girl seems like your average girl-next-door. With her casual plaid shirt and loose locks, Gabrielle shows you how to book your “ideal hotel for the best price” – all within a few swipes and taps across the screen.

And she’s not your ordinary spokesperson. She moonlights as Mademoiselle Gabrielle, living up her summers in Europe, tap-dancing across cobbled streets, curating fashion or completely disconnecting in the wilderness.

“I have to say that it’s only one slice of me that you see in the trivago ad, that’s the slice of me that you’d introduce to your mother!” – Gabrielle Miller

We sat down and chatted to Gabrielle to find out 12 things you didn’t know about her.

1. She’s not your girl-next-door in real life

“…I’m normally a bit more dishevelled or crazily dressed, or my hair’s a different colour. When I was in Australia on tour last year, I was tap dancing and playing (the) ukulele, or walking barefoot in the street.”

Though she may look clean-cut from the comfort of our living rooms, Gabrielle is a chameleon when it comes to her rotating hair and fashion. She’s had everything from the pixie cut, to the Mohawk and bobs in every colour of the rainbow.

Obviously she has to keep her hair au naturel for her new gig on trivago. Let’s just say her grandma is “very, very happy” about it.

2. She’s lived in some cool places… including a self-sufficient bush shack

…and a caravan.

Gabrielle Miller - Fritz Frames (c) Mary Marguerite Bligh Eggleston

Photo by Mary Marguerite Bligh Eggleston for Fritz Frames

Gabrielle was born in Coffs Harbour, but left when she was five as her parents both got jobs mammogramming women for breast cancer in remote communities. “I lived in a caravan with my parents and two brothers… That’s when I became a nomad and have stayed a nomad since,” Gabrielle explains.

When she was 21, she moved into a community where she lived in a self-sufficient shack, growing her own veggies and swimming in waterholes.

3. She calls the Sunshine Coast home

“There are areas that are still undiscovered, it’s cute and it has a great community vibe.”

Mention the Sunny Coast and Gabrielle gushes. “That’s where my mother lives and I think I’ll end up there one day,” she says. She’s especially fond of a handful of hinterland gems, including Maleny, Montville and Yandina.


 “You can just whip off to the beach whenever you want.”

Gabrielle Miller - retro

Without giving away her favourite secret beach, Gabrielle recommends that first-timers to the Sunshine Coast should check out the stretch of bays south of Coolum. “Sometimes I’m the only one on a huge stretch of beach, it’s pretty special,” she says.

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4. She’s swum with turtles

Gabrielle Miller - swimming

The same girl who shows you how to look for a hotel online has also kayaked for five days and camped on “deserted, beautiful beaches with crazy dinosaur trees.” She’s swum with turtles, seen sharks and been on the lookout for crocs. “They leave their tummy marks where they scrape themselves across the sand,” Gabrielle drops casually.

Us cosy hotel-dwellers can’t say we’ve ever been as adventurous!

5. She doesn’t always stay in hotels

.…She also loves to pitch a tent in the outdoors.

Gabrielle Miller - Cambodia

One of Gabrielle’s favourite places to travel… Cambodia!

“Normally when I’m touring with my band or doing little solo shows, (I do) anything from hostels to camping,” Gabrielle says. “Recently I have started staying in hotels and its growing on me!” One of her favourite hotels is a villa in Cambodia, The Pavilion. “It blew my mind! Everything was so delicate, beautiful and clean, my room was made entirely out of glass and I was surrounded by my own little rainforest…” she says.

The Pavilion Phnom Penh Cambodia - room

The Pavilion Phnom Penh Cambodia - lush pool refletion

And if you’re wondering, Gabrielle totally recommends a trip to Cambodia. As well as being a little off the beaten track, she says it’s “comfortable and really well-priced”.

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6. She can juggle

Gabrielle Miller - trivago girl - juggle

…and tap dance, clown, and mime. She’s an actor, musician and puppeteer rolled into one. If that’s not random enough, she’s also good with kids, having performed heaps of children’s shows within remote communities in Central and South Australia. In Papua New Guinea, she spent time showing kids how to build puppets out of rubbish or plants, enabling them to create their own characters to tell their own stories.

7. She’s in a band

“It’s a crazy mixture of swing, jazz music, performance and weird percussion.”

We can testify that her band, Zap, is gloriously weird and fantastic, made up of ‘a washboard, megaphone, ukulele, rubber chicken, some tap shoes, a trumpet, two kangaroos and some tzatziki’.

Within the trio, Gabrielle is the ‘sequined showgirl meets sideshow superstar’ with a bottomless bag of tricks – whether it be dancing, juggling or throwing confetti. To put it simply, she explains “it’s a real show, old school vaudeville entertainment, accompanied by live music.”

We can hardly put it into words, so we recommend you check out Zap yourself.

8. She’s always on the road

Gabrielle Miller in The Outback Motel (Directed by Laura Smith)

Gabrielle Miller in The Outback Motel (2012) | Directed by Laura Smith

In between trivago shoots, Gabrielle is usually touring with her band across the world. Last year she visited 16 countries in Europe, sleeping in wagons in Amsterdam and eating figs off trees in Spanish vineyards. She’s performed in Italian restaurants in return for pizza, and she’s played shows in five-star hotels in exchange for luxury accommodation (for the rest of us, there’s trivago).

From learning traditional Cambodian dancing to climbing mountains in Papua New Guinea, Gabrielle is really more than just your flannel-clad girl-next-door!

9. She lives in Berlin

“As if making balloon animals on the streets would pay my rent in Paris…”

Gabrielle Miller - Fritz Frames (c) Davey Woodhouse

Photo by Fritz Frames

Most people dream of living in Paris, sipping wine at quaint corner bars and spending Saturdays perusing art galleries. But Gabrielle found her home in the quirkier and more affordable Berlin, where she studied physical theatre. It’s also where she’s found work as a musician and actor.

And when she’s not playing a show? “On my nights off I’m a homebody,” she admits. “But if I want to go out there’s heaps of awesome bars everywhere.” One of her favourites is Klunkerkranich, an improvised rooftop bar that is casually assembled with wooden crates – great for those who appreciate an uncomplicated beer and balmy sunset views.

10. She digs getting naked… in German saunas

“Loving it! I’m totally into it … I go back to Australia and I feel weird in my bikini in the sauna.”

Beyond the beer and pretzels, the only other thing to never break tradition is getting naked in a German spa. Yes, everyone does it, and yep, everyone is naked, because it’s, you know, liberating and all. But whatever may be of the German custom, Gabrielle loves it. “The one I go to is for women only, and they’re mostly Turkish women. It’s just like a party in the sauna all the time because everyone’s scrubbing each other down, singing, having a chat – I just love it,” she admits casually.

11. She doesn’t know who Robin from How I Met Your Mother is!

Gabrielle draws a blank face when we ask her about her doppelganger, Robin from How I Met Your Mother. She’s just too cool for school…

For the rest of us though, we just can’t get our heads around the resemblance!

Gabrielle Miller - Robin HIMYM - tweet

trivago girl - Cobie Smulders - tweet

Gabrielle Miller - Robin HIMYM - twins tweet

trivago girl - Robin HIMYM - tweet

12. She’s NOT single


Gabrielle Miller (c) Helen Hecker

Photo by Helen Hecker

This one’s for you blokes (and chicks)! We’ve had heaps of questions on whether the trivago girl is single or not, and sadly for you (but great for her), she’s in a happy relationship.

Lead image by Emily Sanders

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